16.12.2019 "New Fines for the Breach of Personal Data Protection Legislation"

On December 02, 2019 the Federal Law “On introduction of Amendments to Certain Legislative Acts of the Russian Federation” No. 405-FZ (“the Law”) has come into force. The Law amends the Administrative Offences Code of the Russian Federation and introduces fines for violation of personal data protection legislation. Particularly, the noncompliance with the so‑called “personal data localization” shall be subject to administrative liability of personal data operators.

06.12.2019 Pravo-300 ranking: our company wins in "International commercial transactions / Customs and foreign currency regulation"

"Mosgo and Partners" is among the winners of the most reputable & authoritative Pravo-300 ranking of the year 2019 in "International commercial transactions / Customs and foreign currency regulation". Our law firm is included into the first – and the most prestigious – band.

25.10.2019 Multiple Directorship in a Russian Company: Key Practical Aspects And Possible Risks (update)

From 01 September 2014, the Russian legislation provides that several directors can be appointed in a company. In other words, the “four-eyes principle” of company management, widespread in Europe, can now be used in Russian companies, although with some peculiarities.

02.08.2019 Unauthorized constructions – increase of fines When the construction of a building is finished, the developer needs to obtain a special “commissioning permit” (also called “operation permit”) from the authorities to start using the building. The developers of an unauthorized construction do not have such a permit. 21.06.2019 New Regulation of Sanitary Protection Zone

Regulation of Sanitary Protection Zones (SPZ) in Russia has always been imperfect and obscure. Definition of the SPZ, its regime, classifications and regulatory limits were originally set out insanitary and epidemiological rules (SanPiN), which did not provide adequate regulation of a number of important issues and led to various problems.

09.04.2019 Digital Rights: New Regulation to Come into Force

Russian legislators promote digital rights (DRs). DRs will have special regulation with some peculiarities. While scholars continue their disputes on what DRs are and what their place in the system of legislationis, we decided to emphasize several most important and prominent features of DRs according to the to-be legislation.

20.03.2019 Secondary liability

One of the functions of an LLC and a JSC is the limitation of founders’ (participants’ / shareholders’) liability to the amount of their contributions to the charter capital of the company.However, in some cases, such limitation ceases to work, and the founders along with the directors and other controlling persons will be liable for the company's debts. This type of liabilityis called secondary liability, which means the lability only if there is not enough assets of the company to pay off debts.

01.11.2018 Replacement of the administrative fine with the warning for the legal entities

If the company is not a small or medium-sized enterprise (hereinafter also SME), it should have a right to ask for the replacement of the administrative fine with the warning. This is the initiative of the Ministry of Economic Development of the Russian Federation (hereinafter also Ministry), which proposed to make amendments to the Code of the Russian Federation on Administrative Offenses (hereinafter also Code). The proposed law is on the stage of the Regulatory Impact Analysis now.

05.09.2018 The International Economic Sanctions Against Russia

In response to the economic sanctions imposed by the USA, the EU and other western partners, Russia has introduced its own counter-sanctions legislation.

23.08.2018 The economic sanctions against Russia continue to dominate headlines and hinder cooperation with foreign partners

The economic sanctions against Russia continue to dominate headlines and hinder cooperation with foreign partners. Mosgo&Partners’ associate Maria Belova prepared a presentation “The International Economic Sanctions Against Russia.