15.11.2016 Legal Entities Will Have to Determine Their Beneficial Owners

Starting from December 21, 2016, legal entities will be obliged to determine and store information about their beneficial owners, pursuant to the amendments introduced into Federal Law No. 115-FZ dated August 7, 2001 “On Countering the Legalization of Illegal Earnings (Money Laundering) and the Financing of Terrorism”.

28.10.2016 New Regulation of Major Transactions and Interested Party Transactions

On January 1, 2017, the new provisions on the procedure of conclusion of interested party transactions and major transactions by legal entities will enter into effect. The changes have been introduced by Federal Law No. 343-FZ dated July 3, 2016 and significantly altered the usual approach of the legislators to the regulation of these categories of transactions.

05.10.2016 Contributions to the Assets of Joint-Stock Companies From July 15, 2016, the law allows to make contributions to the assets of joint-stock companies without increasing their charter capital. Previously, this opportunity was available only to limited liability companies. 05.10.2016 New Realty Registration Law Coming into Force A new Federal law on the registration of the real estate (Realty registration law)  adopted by the Russian State Duma last year will enter into force on January 1, 2017. 19.09.2016 Commercial Real Estate: Russian Chapter in the international guide of Global Legal Insights Managing partner Oleg Mosgo and Partner Anton Shamatonov reviewed the key points of legal regulation of the lease, the rights and obligations of developer and investor in Russia in the International Comparative Legal Guide.

12.09.2016 Professional Standards – When They Are Mandatory for Private Companies with Foreign Management

According to the amendments to the Labour Code of the Russian Federation, which came into force on July 1, 2016, the so-called professional standards have become mandatory for certain categories of employers.

For most private firms professional standards are only advisory in nature. But in a number of exceptional cases, they become mandatory. One of them is the case of companies with foreign management.

02.09.2016 Cadastral value: current rules and forthcoming changes Disputes on challenging the cadastral value of realty have become one of the most common in the Russian courts in the recent years. Not surprisingly, though: cadastral value is a basis for taxes calculation. Supposedly in the response to that a new law on cadastral evaluation has been adopted this summer providing a different procedure and standards for the cadastral evaluation. 02.08.2016 Cancellation of the Certificates of Title Starting from 15 July 2016, Rosreestr  has stopped issuing certificates of title to real estate. Now, rights to real estate are certified only by an extract from the Unified State Register of Rights to Real Estate and Transactions Therewith (the EGRP). 26.07.2016 Interest under Articles 317.1 and 395 of RF Civil Code: New Amendments to Enter into Effect from August 1, 2016 The legislator has once again modified the interest accrual procedure under articles 317.1 and 395 of RF Civil Code. The amendments were introduced by Federal Law No. 315-FZ dated July 3, 2016 and will come into effect on August 1, 2016. 14.06.2016 New Rules for Options on Shares in Limited Liability Companies From now on, an option holder can realize a put or call option for shares in a Russian limited liability company (LLC) without the participation of the other party. In this case, the notary sends the documents for the sale / purchase of shares in the LLC for the registration in the Federal Tax Service and the acceptance – to the offeror.