25.09.2015 Verifying Information in the Unified State Register for Legal Entities: Expectations for 2016 The verification of information entered into the Unified State Register for Legal Entities (USRLE, “EGRUL”) by the Federal Tax Service, imposing additional liability for submission of unreliable information, registration of companies through straw men, new powers of the notaries and introduction of the two-step procedure for changing the legal entity’s address – these are only a few of the amendments introduced by Federal Law No. 67-FZ dated 30 March 2015 “On Amending Individual Legislative Acts of the Russian Federation As Regards Ensuring the Accuracy of Information Presented upon State Registration of Legal Entities and Individual Entrepreneurs” (the Law on Reliability of Registers). 11.08.2015 Sole Shareholder: To Be Registered in the USRLE? Starting from 1 September 2014, the amendments into Article 98(6) of the Russian Civil Code have entered into effect. Pursuant to the same, the information that a joint-stock company comprises one participant shall be entered into the Unified State Register for Legal Entities (USRLE, “EGRUL”). 10.08.2015 Prohibition of Personnel Leasing in 2016 A little more than a year has passed since the adoption of Federal law No. 116-FZ of May 5, 2015 that substantially limited the use by employers of labor of non-employees (“out-staffing”). Now, three months before the law enters into force (January 1, 2016), we believe it necessary to remind what exactly the employers will face in view of the upcoming changes. 15.07.2015 Changes in the Regulation of Obligations and Contracts Starting from June 1, 2015, the new provisions of the Civil Code of the Russian Federation devoted to the law of obligations have entered into full force into effect. We have selected 20 amendments relevant to business that we consider to be the most significant ones: