28.05.2018 New Rules on Unjustified Tax Benefit

Starting from the early 2000s, the Russian tax authorities have been pursuing the following concept: even unless the law explicitly allows some activities, they can result in violation of law and subsequent additional charge of tax. The classic example is business operations involving shell companies.

25.05.2018 SARIA and Cherkizovo signed a Cooperation Agreement

The German SARIA group has signed a Cooperation Agreement with “Cherkizovo” – the largest meat producer in Russia. The Agreement was signed on the 24 May 2018 during the St. Petersburg International Economic Forum.

25.04.2018 Recognition and enforcement of foreign judgments in Russia

Mosgo & Partners’ managing partner Oleg Mosgo made a report "Recognition and Enforcement of Foreign Judgments in Russia" at the Legal Committee of the Russian-German Chamber of Commerce (AHK) on April 25, 2018

30.03.2018 New Regulation of Sanitary Protection Zones

Regulation of sanitary protection zones (SPZ) in Russia has always been imperfect and obscure. Definition of SPZ, its regime, classifications and regulatory limits are settled in sanitary and epidemiological rules1 (SanPiN).

22.03.2018 Ways to Get Out of a Corporate Conflict (Deadlock)

In practice, shareholders in a limited liability company (LLC) often face situations where they are unable to reach a mutual agreement on company management. As a result, the risk is high of getting into the so-called deadlock, where a deep divergence in the views on further business development between the owner scan block the operations of the company.

What are the ways to get out of a prolonged conflict in a limited liability company and what risks should one anticipate? See the “Mosgo & Partners” newsletter below.

The complete text of the newsletter You can find in the below attached file.

27.12.2017 Mala fide negotiations: Auchan is to pay over 15 mln rubles of damages

The Russian legislation provides that parties should negotiate bona fide. Should they fail to conduct negotiations in good faith, the breaching party is to pay damages. This was in the case Auchan LLC v. Decort LLC, when the latter claimed over RUB 15,6 million (approximately EUR 226 000) of damages resulting from bad faith of the contracting party. Held, Auchan LLC was liable for wrecked negotiations and obligated to pay the whole sum of lost profit.

08.12.2017 Reputable Russian rating has listed Mosgo and Partners law firm among the best law firms for the second consecutive year

Reputable Russian rating has listed Mosgo and Partners law firm among the best law firms for the second consecutive year.

02.11.2017 Legal aspects of startup financing

Associate of Mosgo & Partners Elena Cherkasova made a report on the meeting of the Work group on Start-ups of the Committee for digital technologies of the Russian-German Chamber of Commerce (AHK), which was held in Moscow on 2nd of November 2017.

18.09.2017 Rules on Disclosure of Information on Beneficial Owners in Russia

Russian legal entities are obliged to determine and store information about their beneficial owners (individuals who control more than 25% of the charter capital). At least once a year they shall update this information and fix it in documents. State authorities are allowed to request such information from the company. Failure to provide it may result in administrative fine of up to RUB 500 000.

09.09.2017 Four ways to file a claim with the State Commercial Court of Moscow or Moscow Region

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